Last November, I saw a remarkable one-woman-show by the Indian-born dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa. My review for The Faster Times is here.

And here is a short excerpt:

“A slight, striking girl of Indian descent who grew up in Paris in a home filled with music and dance (her mother, Savitry Nair, was a dancer), Shivalingappa has long arms and a slender, beautifully-proportioned frame and head. In addition to a crisp, clean technique in everything she does—and the lightest, most surprising of jumps—she seems able to perform feats of shape-shifting which alter one’s perception of her from moment to moment. With an internal flip of the switch, she transforms herself from the laughing Shiva—standing in contraposto on one leg with the other held aloft in attitude, while nonchalantly holding out a hand, fingers resting elegantly on the air—to an evil demon—curled lips, flaming eyes, rigid pose—shocked into defeat by Shiva’s smile.”

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