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Water Nymph

This water nymph, in the entrance hall of the Museo de Arte Decorativa in Buenos Aires, made me think of many an underwater ballet, from Ondine to Ballo della Regina

Why Criticism Matters

Criticism is important, Daniel Mendelsohn argues here, because it helps us to hone our thinking about art. And implicitly argues for its importance.

He writes:

“By dramatizing their own thinking on the page, by revealing the basis of their judgments and letting you glimpse the mechanisms by which they exercised their (individual, personal, quirky) taste, all these critics were, necessarily, implying that you could arrive at your own, quite different judgments—that a given work could operate on your own sensibility in a different way. What I was really learning from those critics each week was how to think. How to think (we use the term so often that we barely realize what we’re saying) critically—which is to say, how to think like a critic, how to judge things for myself. To think is to make judgments based on knowledge: period.”