On Oct. 4, I attended the fourth program of Fall For Dance, with Shantala Shivalingappa, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Jodi Melnick and friends, and an all-male hula ensemble from Hawaii. I wrote about it here, for DanceTabs.
And here is a short excerpt, from my description of Shantala Shivalingappa’s “Shiva Ganga”:

“After several manèges of turns on her knees in the waning light, Shivalingappa’s solo ended with the dancer bent forward, near the floor, her arms rippling. The image was of a body metamorphosing into the river Ganges, the embodiment of grace, beauty, fluidity, flowing in the near darkness. Her body had become a landscape. It was an image of stunning beauty.”
Here she is, in an excerpt from “Shiva Ganga”:


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