In December, I went to see “Art I’ve Lived With,” a small show of Baryshnikov’s art collection. Baryshnikov showed me around himself, and we talked about the paintings. In a way, it was like leafing through a family album; each picture had a story, and captured a moment in time.

Here is the piece I wrote for DanceTabs.

And here is a short excerpt:

“He is no longer the boy with soft blue eyes that graced the bedroom walls of many a girl in the 1980’s, including my own. Somehow, he has grown wirier, tighter, more serious with age; what one senses more than anything is a sharp intelligence, an unwillingness to waste time. With a quick nod, he was down to business. This little collection, he told me, began with a simple purchase in Paris back in 1975, at the Galérie Proscenium on the Rue de Seine, on the left bank. Misha was twenty-seven then, and “the dollar was strong and I had money in my pocket,” he says, nonchalantly.”


  1. Thanks for your interesting interwiew, but I felt sorry, when Misha said, he is leaving, because of his age. Tell him, he is plenty of life and emotions, and certainly he has a lot of wonderful, and good things to show us.

    Best wishes

    Misha we love you forever.

    Estela – São Paulo – Brazil

    1. First of all, thank you for reading and commenting…

      You know, I think he was being playful when he said that. His mischievous smile showed that he know he was saying something provocative, and little bit tongue in cheek. After all, he’s still dancing, acting, and directing one of the most vibrant cultural center in NY…

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