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In just a couple of years since retiring from Miami City Ballet, Ezra Hurwitz seems to have more or less cornered the market for short promotional dance films. Everywhere you turn—company websites, Instagram, Facebook—one of his films seems to pop up, promoting this or thate new ballet or a dancer or a project of some sort. I was intrigued about how he did this—essentially filling a niche just as it was coming into existence—so I sat down with him, hoping to find out. You can read our conversation on the Dance Magazine website.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 6.35.53 PM.png

Photo by Ezra Hurwitz


This is Chalvar Monteiro (in a photo by Daniel Azoulay), of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He joined the company in 2015, after dancing for Kyle Abraham for several years. In a company of powerhouses, his dancing stands out for its clean lines, quiet bravura and focus (as you can see here). My eye always seems to find him on the stage. He never skimps on the details, but his dancing has energy and vibrancy, too. Here he is in Sinner Man, from Revelations. My review of the company’s June 17 matinee is at

Return of the Swans

The swan maidens returned to the Metropolitan Opera House this week, in American Ballet Theater’s somewhat shopworn production of Swan Lake. (Some of those costumes need sprucing up!). Despite everything, it’s always fascinating to see each new interpretation of the central role(s) of Odette and Odile. And also to see how interpretations grow or change over time. This week, I caught Isabella Boylston, with a new partner, Alban Lendorf. The performance felt like a breakthrough. And also Devon Teuscher, a soloist who was taking on the ballet for only the second time. Her interpretation seems already somehow fully formed. My review of both casts for DanceTabs is here.

Below, a pic I snapped at the curtain calls, of Teuscher and her partner Alexandre Hammoudi.

Clifton Brown Returns

Andrea Mohin’s beautiful shot of Clifton Brown captures his graceful port de bras, one of the qualities that have made him such a striking presence at Alvin Ailey. After 6 years with Lar Lubovitch and Jessica Lang, he returns to Ailey this season. My q&a with him just posted in the Times.


Catch Up

Cameron Grant, Sterling Hyltin and Tyler Angle. Credit Krista Schlueter for The New York Times

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