O Heave!

Michael Grandage's "Billy Budd." Photo by Alastair Muir from "The Telegraph."
Michael Grandage’s “Billy Budd.” Photo by Alastair Muir from “The Telegraph.”


For the Benjamin Britten lovers among you, I wrote this little introduction to the Glyndebourne production of Billy Budd, by Michael Grandage coming to BAM Feb. 7:

Jan 2014 BAMbill Billy Budd Article.

It’s one of Britten’s most stirring works—the music stays with you long after you hear it— and it looks quite a moving production.

A Chat with Ormsby Wilkins

I had a brief chat with ABT’s music director, Ormsby Wilkins, about the recently rediscovered Benjamin Britten orchestration of Les Sylphides that the company is using this season. How is it different from the one they were using before, by Roy Douglas? On first hearing I found it lighter, more classical, with more detailed voices. But I wondered whether the differences went deeper. You can link to the conversation here.