Susan Marshall Rocks Out

Peter Simpson in "Play/Pause." Photo by Stephanie Berger.
Peter Simpson in “Play/Pause.” Photo by Stephanie Berger.

Susan Marshall and Company is currently performing Marshall’s new evening-length work, “Play/Pause” at BAM’s Fishman Space. The work is essentially a deconstruction of rock-and-roll attitude. Here’s my review for DanceTabs.

And a short excerpt:

“In Play/Pause, Marshall, who in the past has created works filled with surprising metaphors for life’s complexities, explores the gestures and attitudes of rock-and-roll. Her piece is like a theme-and-variations built on the hip-swaying, arm-swinging, foot-swiveling moves we’ve seen rock stars and their back-up dancers perform a million times. (Marshall has put together some of them for this video, a companion-piece to the show.)”