Regarding the Body: John Jasperse’s Fort Blossom Revisited and Eiko and Koma at Focus Dance (for DanceTabs)

Last Friday’s mixed bill of John Jasperse and Eiko and Koma at Focus Dance  stayed close to the body. Naked bodies, bodies barely dressed, bodies well covered. All of it was meant to make us look closely at what they were doing, at the effects of bare or partly covered flesh on our perception of movement. At the vulnerability and strength of its sinews and articulations, at the ways it can become abstracted and suddenly snap into focus. You can read the review here.

And here is a short excerpt:

“Practitioners of ballet often speak of a dancer’s “line” and the way two dancers complement each other’s lines in space. Here, “line” takes on quite different meaning: the line dividing the buttocks is the constant reference point, the home base for Jasperse’s explorations of the many ways two male bodies fit together.”